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Mr. Roosevelt

Here’s a great profile on somebody who exemplifies the spirit of Jane Jacobs, especially her focus on community building and grass roots activism.

Some extracts:

“Antonio combines a deep affection for his small village upbringing in Honduras with a cosmopolitan flair,”…. “What has most impressed me is his ability to bring the sense of community and love of nature he imbibed as a child into his efforts to build community and a sense of place in larger cities such as Phoenix.” 


“I have always been intrigued by cities,” he says. “How cities grow, how cities develop, how people’s relationships are affected by the growth of the city and how people live in the city.” 


HT: Downtown Phoenix Journal


Quick Take: Streets Are For People, Not (Just) Cars


Key Quote: 

The domination of the street by cars in the last century is at least partially a result of an innocent tendency of pedestrians to traffic the sidewalk for various reasons, rather than a categorical forfeit of the majority of the public realm to one user-type.  In the current, thrilling campaign by planners to return urbanity to something more human scale, a photo memorializing the multiplicitous modal functionality of Scollay Square before its razing is as good a symbol as any for wisdom that must be embraced once again.