Walk this Way: Jane’s Walk Phoenix is profiled in Sunset

What started with a Twitter conversation with a somewhat incredulous magazine editor (you mean people actually WALK in Phoenix?!?) almost six months ago has finally become a reality. The current (January 2010) issues of Sunset magazine includes a feature on a Jane’s Walk Phoenix. The article covers why I brought the walk to Phoenix as well as some of the encouraging developments in out downtown core. It also mentions Artlink Phoenix‘s First Friday Art Walk, the Morin House, Modified Arts; features a photograph of cycling ‘bodega’ HoodRide in Roosevelt Row; and highlights comments from my friends (and walk participants)  Catrina Knoebl and Jeremy Mudd.

Special thanks go to editor-at-large Allison Arieff for writing the great article, and photographer David Fenton for the amazing photographs. I would also like to thank all of those who participated in the Jane’s Walk event in May 2009 as well as those who came out for the photo shoot in September; the event and the article would not have been a success without you. Plans are already under way for Jane’s Walk 2010, with an expanded slate of events, including a ‘Jane’s Ride.’

You can check out some scanned pages of the article below, but I strongly suggest you make a trip down to the local magazine rack and pick up a copy for yourself. Sunset is a great publication deserving of your support. Besides, in addition to the feature on Jane’s Walk, this month’s issue has a lot of cool content, including a short profile of Helen and Jan of Sweet Republic ice cream.

This article has been cross-posted on my personal website, yuriartibise.com.


One response to “Walk this Way: Jane’s Walk Phoenix is profiled in Sunset

  1. Yuri! This is a fabulous piece about your extraordinary, passionate efforts in Phoenix.

    When Nan Ellin introduced me to you as a possible coordinator for Phoenix walks, telling us you were just the person for this, she was not telling us the whole truth–perfect is the word she should have used.

    Let’s find a time to talk about the 2010 Walks and Rolls when you have some time after the holiday. We are here and eager to assist, and this year would like to see if we can coordinate some Talks along with the Walks, as we have a new book about Jane that will be published in May titled, What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs. Take a look at: http://www.whatwesee.org

    Fantastic and many thanks for your exemplary, exciting work!

    Stephen Goldsmith, Director
    Center for the Living City
    Jane’s Walk USA

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