KunstlerCast #83: Jane Jacobs

One of my favorite resources for all things urban is the KunstlerCast, a weekly audio program about the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl.  It features James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere, The Long Emergency and other books.  Each week host/producer Duncan Crary speaks with Kunstler weekly about the failure of suburbia and the inevitable end of this living arrangement ‘with no future’.

This weeks episode features a discussion of Jane Jacobs:

Planetizen, an urban planning website and book publisher, recently conducted a poll about the Top 100 Urban Thinkers. Jane Jacobs, author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, made #1 on the list. Kunstler explains the story and importance of Jacobs. He also recollects interviewing her in 2000. Although at the time Jacobs was writing a book about the coming energy crisis, Dark Age Ahead, Kunstler said she didn’t seem interested in talking about “Long Emergency” issues during their conversation. A listener caller tells us why he thinks Sesame Street is a good model for urbanism.

You can download the podcast here.


2 responses to “KunstlerCast #83: Jane Jacobs

  1. Thanks for listening to the KunstlerCast and for this nice writeup!

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