Jane’s Walk Phoenix Recap


Gathering at Portland Park

  The inaugural Jane’s Walk Phoenix was a huge success.   Over thirty people took advantage of the nice weather to come out and celebrate Jane Jacobs and learn more about the neighborhoods of downtown phoenix.  The intimate size of the group allowed people to meet one another and share stories, history and gossip about the streets, parks and building that we passed during the walk.  Special thanks goes to Cartina Knoebl, Greg Esser and Kimber Lanning for sharing their knowledge and insights along the route, as well as all the participants for  their great questions and observations., As I’ve said from the beginning, it’s the participants who are the true guides of the walk.  Special thanks also to Jack London, Nick Bastien (Rail Life), and David Bickford (PHXRailFood) for taking photos along the way.


Let's "Get out and Walk!"


During the walk we learned about the good (adaptive use sites like Morin House and Modified Arts),  saw some of the bad (boarded up buildings and deserted streets) and heard about some of the ugly truths (land-banking) about the Roosevelt and Churchill neighborhoods.. We also talked about the responsibilities each one of us has to make sure that downtown Phoenix (or any neighborhood) is the type of place YOU want to live. I think each person who took part learned something new, even those who have spent years living downtown.  Moreover, and more important, everybody got the opportunity to meet somebody new, building and strengthening the downtown community.  After all, the strength of any neighborhood is the connections between the people who live, work and play in it.



Roosevelt Park



Morin House, recently moved from Evans Neighborhood and restored. Now the new home of a small business.


'1895' House (built in 1897!) Patiently waiting for the next chapter of it's life (hopefully one that doesn't involve a wrecking ball!)


Catrina shares her knowledge with a Light Rail station in background


Seeking shade in the new Civic Space Park, under the watchful eye of Janet Echelman's 'Her Secret is Pateince'


Crossing the street


Mural (in progress) celebrating Valley Youth Theater



In front of adaptive use project (and new HQ of Patry Residential LLC)


Neighborhood garden

Neighborhood garden and community scarecrow



Yuri, Kimber, Nick, Catrina and David in front of Modified Arts (another great adaptive use project)


7 responses to “Jane’s Walk Phoenix Recap

  1. Yuri, thanks again for making this all happen. What a fun day and a real opportunity for people to learn and enjoy the area. I am already looking forward to next year!

  2. Yes, thanks to Yuri for organizing this event! And I’m sure it’s the first of many similar walks, which compliment all the home tours in the neighborhoods surrounding the immediate downtown. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I was busy promoting another cause at Saturday’s Arcadia neighborhood association meeting. Check it out: http://www.bimsonpark.org Again, great job!

  3. A great new tradition in Phoenix started this past weekend. Thanks for taking the initiative. Still trying to get my photos onto Flickr, but glad to see they’re getting use on Picasa.

  4. The Valley Youth Theatre mural was completed on 31, May 2009

  5. the Valley Youth Theatre mural was painted by Roy Sproule

  6. frank,

    Do you have contact information for Roy Sproule? I’d love to talk with him.


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