Jane’s Walk Phoenix needs YOU


Jane Jacobs believed in the power of neighborhoods and in the power of neighbors to build them.  She was a firm advocate for  the importance of local residents having input on how their neighborhoods develop.  She encouraged people to familiarize themselves with the places where they live, work and play.

Jane’s Walk Phoenix was conceived with this notion in mid.  While we have invited local experts and community leaders, the success of the walk will ultimately dependent on the participants.  First, this walk is open to people of all ages, backgrounds, so please bring your children and invite your parents and neighbors to join us.  The Walk route will be wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Second, keeping with Jane’s emphasis on bottom-up organization, Jane’s Walk Phoenix is looking for volunteers to help with the walk itself.  In particular, we are looking looking for a few guides/interpreters to share their stories, knowledge and insights about downtown Phoenix and/or how the concepts expressed by Jane Jacobs can assist in the revitalization of the neighborhood. As well, we will need some ‘sherpas’ to guide people along the route and make sure nobody gets lost and that any stragglers know where to go.  Finally, l am looking for a few people to take pictures during the walk and a few others to post ‘Tweets’.  if you have ideas about downtown you would like to share, or some technical expeertise you want to volunteer, send an email to janeswalkphx@gmail.com or leave a message in the comments section.

Of ocurse, if you just want to come out and soak in the sights and sounds of downtown and hear what others have to say, your are more than welcome too!


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